[Payment plans available for most programs upon request]

The Convinced Changer

You are DONE with the same old methods that are keeping you stuck. You are ready to make a change but you know we need some extra help to make the launch you're aiming at. This program is for you if you are ready to make a commitment to yourself and the change you're chasing. (3-month program) 

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The Committed Changer

This is my VIP offering and is only available to 5 clients at a time so I can provide the time and attention required to support significant transformation. This program is for you if you are ready to focus, put in the work, and get sh!t done with a Katelyst by your side every step of the way. (5-6 month program).

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CorporateĀ Services

Resilient organizations can't exist without resilient people.

Offered initially as a compliment to my enterprise resilience consulting services, my corporate coaching, speaking, and programming services are now available a la carte.Ā 

IĀ approach these services with the same holistic lens I apply to resilience consulting. This means we can start with an agility audit to identify your existing strengths and areas of improvement. Then devise a strategy to amplify the value of your existing programs and bolster themĀ resilience-focused offerings.

Based on your organization's unique needs, I can provide a combination of custom programming (including online courses/app content if requested), corporate coaching(for execs, employees, and everyone in between), workshops, and/or speaking engagements.Ā 

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Speaking and Podcasts


I've got a LOT to say, and turns out, some of it is pretty valuable.

I've had the pleasure of appearing on some great podcasts and speaking to a number of audiences (in person!).

If you think my material would be a good fit for your show or would appeal to your people, hit me up!


Seen and Heard