The Case for Catalysts....and The Katelyst™

Apr 17, 2023

The Case for Catalysts

If you're anything like me, this word brings up memories of High School chemistry class...[sorry]

But stay with me...

I am not talking about that kind of catalyst...

I am talking about the kind that facilitates change in your LIFE not in the lab. 

See, as your HS-self learned all those years ago, a catalyst speed up a reaction by decreasing the amount of energy required for it to happen. 

So, it looks a little something like this



This means that when we add the right catalyst to a reaction (at the right time) we can take a process that might have taken hours, days, or even years, and allow it to occur over a MUCH shorter space of time.

Ok, so now that we’ve jogged our memories about how catalysts work…

Let’s imagine how this might play out in real life...

Think about a change you’ve wanted to make for a while, maybe it’s one you’re already working on.

Let’s say you’re in the spot one of my recent clients found himself in…

You’ve climbed the ranks within your organization over the past 5-years but every time an exec role opens, you’re overlooked for it.

So, you dig in. You set your sights on the C-suite and decide you’ll do everything possible to get there.

☑️ You say “yes” to absolutely everything the CEO asks

☑️ You take on as much responsibility as possible

☑️ You sacrifice more and more of yourself and your life outside of work

And the next exec role opens…

And you’re looked over, ONCE again.

Now, you have a choice here...

🔴 You can give up and just accept that you’ll never be a leader 

🟡 You can double down on the efforts you have already been making [because they've been SO successful] OR

✅ You can find yourself a CATALYST…or even better, a KATELYST™ to help you make the change you’re


See, in general, when our initial efforts are unsuccessful we default to "try harder, do more, and don't stop."

Adding a catalyst to the equation forces you to consider a different approach...

Instead of driving change by pushing it harder or ADDING fuel, they function by REDUCING friction

Removing obstacles…eliminating drag [not queens, this blog is inclusive y’all].

So, in that scenario, how would the KATELYST help?

  1. Help you recognize sneaky obstacles or saboteurs that might be hindering your progress,
  2. Encourage you to identify the source or root behind those obstacles, and
  3. Teach you how to systematically eliminate or reduce them one by one.


Why your brain LOVES a Catalyst

The thing about change is that your brain is not super keen on it, in general.

The things you do over and over create neural pathways that the brain is comfortable repeating.

You know how it is when you get comfy…all settled in on the sofa, then someone asks you to get them a beverage…[the nerve!]

Well, that’s exactly how your brain feels about changing your routine ways of doing things.

So, depending on said-resistant brain ALONE is generally not your best bet…

This is EXACTLY why the KATELYST™ would be so instrumental to your change efforts.


How the Katelyst™ came to be:

Over the last decade—across my various roles—I have been facilitating, expediting, and empowering change for my clients.

Whether I was serving them as a lawyer, a consultant, a coach, or a trainer, I have always recognized that my clients ARE the change…

I merely help them realize their potential faster and with more ease.

PLUS, this girl LOVES wordplay and this one was just too good to pass up.


There is one catch though…

Like any catalyst, I am only effective for certain substrates (aka clients).

The ABC’s of working with me

I am only capable of “katelyzing” change with certain individuals and institutions that:

  • Are ready to put in the work.
  • BELIEVE in their ability to actually change AND
  • Committed to their own growth/evolution.

If you fit in this category and are curious about how I can “Katelyze” change in your life...

Still not sure if you need a Katelyst in your life?

Don't waste another second trying to decide. Jump on a FREE Clarity Consultation with me and find out for sure!