You've got the books, you're signed up for the course, and you're ready for a summer of study...But is your BRAIN ready for the challenge that lies ahead? 

Your outlines, flashcards, and study groups are great...but if you're not ALSO tending to your brain, none of that work really matters. 

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This course delivers science-backed brain training tips through micro modules designed to fit into your busy schedule AND deliver a MASSIVE impact. 

This course is for you if you want:

  • Optimized brain performance
  • Improved retention
  • Better problem solving
  • More clarity
  • Improved confidence¬†


These tips and tools will not only support your bar prep over the next several weeks, but they will help you arrive on test day with unshakeable confidence, calm, and clarity. 

Best of all, these tips and tools will serve you for the rest of your career!

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Individual and Group Coaching

Interested in leveling up your brain training for bar prep? Individual and group coaching options are available for a limited time. Reach out now to secure your spot. 


I'm Katie Belfi

As a Master Certified Professional Coach, my goal is to help clients reconnect to their personal resilience and discover what they are truly made of. As a former attorney, I understand the unique pressures of the profession. Thus, I have developed a system specifically for law students and new lawyers, focused on stress regulation, confidence building, and self-compassion.

Throughout my career in law, disaster/crisis management, and resilience I have helped people manage the tough stuff and come out the other side stronger than ever. Today, I have paired that experience with my background in holistic wellness, mindfulness, and neuroscience to deliver an approach to coaching like no other. 

I help people just like you unlock their ultimate potential by connecting to your innate capacity to thrive. Let me help you discover the path to your greatest success.

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""I've done so many of these and most are full of waffle and fluff! Katie is different. She genuinely understands what resonates with people and has developed a really good model and framework around those things. Thank you!"

- Darren R.

"Katie did an excellent job fielding our concerns and observations and addressing mainstream problems that come up during law school and beyond... I'd definitely recommend to friends this Resilience Workshop."

- Tatiana Z.

"It was very useful because it can be difficult dealing with not meeting one's personal expectations. The legal career can feel like a 24/7 industry....The tools Ms. Belfi shared were thorough. I appreciated her ability to answer specific questions in detail.... "

- Nicole T.